ACTOR Title: Two Fins On A Fish

Written by: Kent Flaagan

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Crime, Thriller

Logline: The American version of "Snatch"...Irish brothers Mickey and Shawn Fin new to America are out to ply their trade as grifters and swindle some unfortunate victims out of their money. But, when they place a bet on an MMA fight Italian mafia and Russian mob get involved, did the two Fins hook a fish too big to catch.

Synopsis: Brothers Shawn and Mickey Fin, 20s, young Irishmen new to the United States, are using a phony lottery ticket to ply their trade of deception and fraud as grifters. After swindling two young women out of their money for the lottery ticket, the Irishmen discover their targets are daughters of a local Italian crime boss. Making the circumstance even worse, the money the young women use is counterfeit! The crime boss is not happy with the grift pulled on his daughters, so Mickey and Shawn must make amends. Meanwhile Dan, 30s, a former MMA fighter, is trying to start a new life away from the fighting cage by concealing his identity and getting into construction. When he refuses to pay a "fee" to work on the Italian-mafia-controlled job site, the crime boss sends in his own fighter to rough up this unknown troublemaker. Without throwing a punch, Dan's slick moves and intimidating talk keep fists from flying and gains the respect of his workmates and catches the eye of a female union worker. The trouble escalates when the mob fighter viciously takes out his frustration on Dan's new friend at the construction site. Dan's retribution is swift and brutal in taking out his opponent. This sets up another chain of events because the mob fighter is then unable to compete in an upcoming cage match with a Russian fighter. Shawn and Mickey are forced into the mob's counterfeit ring, told to replace fifty thousand dollars of the fake money given to them with the real thing by spreading it around town. Instead the two Irishmen try to make one big score by placing a bet on an MMA fight with the help of Shillelagh, an old-time Irish mobster. Shillelagh is aware that the Russians, who are promoting and collecting bets on the fight, only check the top 10 bills for counterfeit when a large cash bet is placed. Knowing that, he believes the Russians won't find the counterfeits so will pay good money for bad. The Russians do in fact find the bogus bills, but aren't sure who placed the bet. When the fight is called off because the Italian fighter can't fight, the Russians have to return all gambling bets. Knowing the Italians are into counterfeiting, the Russians think that is where the fake money came from and that they've been swindled by the Italians. Not knowing Shawn and Mickey had placed the bet using the Italians' counterfeit money, the Russians reimbursed the brothers with real money. Now the Irishmen have enough good money to buy their way out of their debt to the Italians. Having a shoot-first-ask-questions-later mentality, the Russians pay a visit to the Italian mafia boss and his associates to settle their differences...with AK-47s blazing, instead of words. In doing so, the Russians unknowingly take care of the problem for both the Irish grifters, who make a tidy profit, and Dan the MMA fighter, who is left to live the quiet life he wants.

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