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Tyler Wallach preaches mystery. He preaches that life is a powdered donut waiting to be picked up and devoured; dipped in milk if that's your thing. It is this reason alone, Tyler Wallach has been selected for the occupation of a cinema Director. Yes, cinema was never a choice for Tyler; nature herself had selected him to direct the moving pictures.

It is true that Tyler's grandfather and grandmother are the great Anne Jackson and late Eli Wallach, both accomplished actors. Eli was also known as "Ugly" for his role in the spaghetti dinner film The Good The Bad and The Ugly. A few years ago Eli received an Oscar for a lifetime achievement award, which Tyler thinks is "pretty cool". It is surprisingly enough a mere coincidence that Tyler ended up in the same industry of work, just on the other side of the camera. In fact, even more mysterious is that Tyler's father Peter had adopted the showbiz too, dedicating a lifelong career in special effects and animation. A few yards ago Peter won an Emmy for having two helmets crash together for (NBC's) Monday Night Football. He's that dude.

But Tyler doesn't dwell on the past and in his senior year at School of Visual Arts he looked towards his future; writing and directing a short film specifically marketed at the elderly something he knew absolutely nothing about. But his film The F Bomb was a raging smash! Audiences would ask him, "How did you know so much about old people and marriage"? You captured it so well"! He'd respond, "Deep down we are all old people, and we are all married". A tear of compassion swelled in his eye; Tyler has only one eye dab smack in the middle of his forehead hence only the ability to look forward.

Tyler's success, however, was short lived because Tyler was ill-equipped with the right type of intelligence to submit to more than five film festivals, two of which he won in the category of Best Short Film. But that was the past and we already know Tyler doesn't dwell on the past; he looks towards the future. He was now more determined than ever to make a film that would hop out at an audience, seize their hearts and their frail human condition. So he made a film about a frog, and he called it Frog. And it is his goal to share Frog with as many people across the globe as possible.

As a hobby, no different than paddleball or crossword puzzles, Tyler is an avid Art Director and Production Designer, working for short and feature length films, music videos, and national TV commercials. This basically means he knows what looks good to the camera and how to build sets and stuff. He's worked with name brands including Furla, MTV, The Big Apple Circus, Brooks Brothers, and Maybelline to name exactly five.

However, Tyler treats his poetry, writing feature screenplays, and Vietnamese cooking as his primary source of income. He wants to continue the family legacy while forging his own, and, well, never looking back. Tyler is a Director. It is what he was chosen to do.

MOVIESFROG, 17min, USA, Family/Drama
Short Film Showcase