ACTOR Title: Uncle MJ

Written by: Magdalena Stancheva

Type: Novel

Genre: Adventure

Logline: Dear children,

Have you heard about Flowertown? No? Then I will tell you about this wonderful place.

Flowertown is located at the foot of the 3 big mountains with pine trees and evergreen old giant trees. Crystal streams descend from the peaks flowing in the large deep river those winds around the town. Here people love flowers and each house is named after a different flower. The residents of Flowertown are very friendly, kind and live in peace and are on good terms with each other.

They know how to appreciate and protect nature using only solar energy for heating and for their vehicles as well. The only policeman in service has duty to ensure that the children cross properly streets i.e. at the green light. Each house had a garden where people breed various flowers, fruits and vegetables and fences between the houses were only for flowers and to prop the plants. During the summer children enjoyed fishing, or doing picnic in the woods under the thick shade of a tree and winter -tobogganing, or skiing in the mountains.

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