ACTOR Title: Wild Russian Mother

Written by: Zack Richardson

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Biography, Drama, History, War

Logline: A young Russian girl seeks to escape the Soviet Union, becoming star on flying trapeze then prima dona of opera against the opposition of Communist officials, rated as a sniper in the Soviet Army, leading a motorcycle gang and being mistress to the son of Josef Stalin before finally escaping to America.

Synopsis: When the Red Army kills her father, Tanya becomes a fervent, but secret, anti-communist and begins subverting the system every way she can and trying to escape the Soviet Union. In grade school, she pulls pranks on the teacher. She listens to Party cell meetings and passes information to get Party members arrested. She learns that performers have power so she wins a power struggle to become a circus trapeze star. She is determined to control her own life but her step-father is a Party member and he wants her to become an engineer, so she is forced to leave the circus and attend college. Shooting a perfect score at the rifle range, she is rated as a sniper for the Soviet Army reserve.

Tanya gets herself expelled from college and accepted to Conservatory and becomes Prima Dona of Opera, singing roles like Madame Butterfly. Now she is like a modern rock star and circulates at the highest levels of Soviet society, singing at Communist Party functions and parties at all the foreign embassies. At one of the parties she meets Vasili Stalin, son of the dictator. He pours her half a glass of vodka for a toast to Stalin, but she pours it out when nobody is looking and fills the glass with water. When she easily downs the 'vodka', Vasili is impressed and she becomes his mistress. Despite this high position, she is still picked up by the NKVD as she gets home after midnight and grilled for hours about who said what at the party.

When WW II ends, Capt. Zack Richardson meets her at the embassy. Tanya sees she will be able to leave the Soviet Union with Zack, but the plan for her mother to come too is again blocked. She is badly torn about being separated from her mother. Tanya steers another girl to become Vasili's mistress and marries Zack. Tanya is pregnant when Zack gets orders to return to America. She gets an exit visa just before she would have been sent to Siberia for her uncooperative behavior. Just as she is settling in to life in America, the FBI wants to deport her as a Soviet spy. She wins the court case, stays in America and becomes a citizen.

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