Written by: Shawna Wells

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Romance, Drama

Logline: Two unlikely childhood friends, with a unique bond, were separated by life choices. But fate intervenes, and an unrelenting love works to guide them back to one another.


Originally titled "Same Ole' Kind Of Love" but subject to change. It can easily be a mixture of Oscar nominated and winner, "Beaches" and "Brokeback Mountain (but with female characters)." It's written along the lines of films such as "A Walk To Remember" and "Love And Basketball." The story centers around two people, Lovie the more level headed disciplined one and Lawnie the free spirit, who meet as children and develop a special bond with one another. As they become young adults, they begin to realize the feelings they share, are more than just that of friends, it's an attraction.

Eventually Lovie and Lawnie act on this attraction, but are unsuccessful. Soon after, life gets in the way. And they both choose different paths, which separates them for years. But the love they have for each other takes over, and guides them back together for a short time, and then reality sets in. The problem is, Lawnie is married now, going through a divorce, with two kids, who she's desperately fighting for custody of. And Lovies conflicted, because of her beliefs (religion) and insecurities. This puts a rift in between them, and threatens to separate them indefinitely. Unless Lovie breaks free of her fears and concerns and Lawnie decides what she wants to do with her life. A love that's destined to be, may not be.

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